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What Some Clients Say


Met Michael at a psychic expo in Epping - accurate, authentic, powerful reading. He read my situation exactly as it was and was incredibly encouraging in terms of asking me whether I had any questions. I truly walked away from the reading feeling very spiritually in touch and so many things he predicted have already occurred! He knew things there was no way he could have otherwise known so I highly recommend him - he has a true and powerful gift. Thank you Michael!


Renee Bortoletto

I was very pleased with the accuracy of Michael's reading and how relevant everything he said was to that current time in my life and what I was going through. He also gave me insight into what to expect moving forward. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking a little extra guidance.


Lucy Pasha

I recommend the hour session or longer with Michael. I did not talk throughout the whole reading, except for an occasional reaction, and he picked up very accurately on what was going on around me. He is a tarot reader who uses the cards to see what is going on in a person's life, not just a psychic who will talk to you. If you want a professional and personalized tarot reading I would recommend Michael. He touched upon a past situation that I felt I was over, but it brought up some surprising emotions within me. This is what a good tarot reader should be able to do and see. I think his guidance is very useful and I will be intrigued to see how the year unfolds for me and his accuracy when I listen back to the recording. He has a very thorough way of interpreting the tarot and tells a story about his client's life as he does so. I'm pleased with my reading and found it quite a relaxing hour.

--Lucy Pasha

My clients are real people whose testimonials are on my website.  The link for which I will give you if you ask for it.  Love & light, 
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